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    Our close-knit team has over 250 years of experience in art, design, branding, visual merchandising & display, architecture, general contracting and cabinetry work. We're here to impart information that will make you think, laugh, and wonder. If you are looking to strengthen your "customer's experience", and increase traffic, sales and profit, then follow us. You'll never look at your environment the same way again. Read, learn, and enjoy!

2017 in Color

2016 is coming to a close, and that means it’s time to start getting our paint palettes ready for the upcoming year. Some of our favorite names in the paint industry are making predictions for which color will steal the show in 2017. Read on for a glimpse at up-and-coming hues, as well as Retailworks’ favorite shade for the new year.


Poised Taupe

Predicted by: Sherwin-Williams

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.15.02 AM

When it comes to neutrals, it looks like taupe is the new grey! This color is a combination of warm and cool, making it the perfect shade to balance any room.


Violet Verbena

Predicted by: PPG Paints

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.20.25 AM

This intriguing shade of violet with hints of blue and grey is the perfect way to bring hints of color into any space.



Predicted by: Benjamin Moore

This deep purple is a magnificent way to bring ambiance into a room.


What is Retailworks’ prediction for the trending color in 2017? We’re expecting a rise in popularity in shades of blue and blue-greens! Several of our current clients are incorporating these shades in their spaces, and we’re noticing a quickly increasing trend!

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 11.24.35 AM

If you need help selecting the perfect color to make your retail space stand out in 2017, contact us at or 262-238-1860.




Retailworks’ What’s Trending for 2016 Holiday/Winter Displays

It’s officially time to get into the holiday spirit (if you haven’t already)! Black Friday is next week, which means customers will have holiday shopping on their minds. Be sure your retail space is festively flaunting your merchandise. Deck out your store from the outside in – window shopping is especially crucial at this time of year when consumers are out shopping and perusing storefronts for the perfect gift inspiration. Read on to learn Retailworks’ favorite trends for winter 2016.


All that Glitters

The holidays mean celebrating your loved ones as well as the end of a year’s worth of accomplishments, so why not add a little sparkle? Channel twinkling lights or freshly fallen snow with a glittery holiday display. Catch customers’ eyes by adding a touch of sparkle to your window display or even filling a vase with glittery ornaments as a centerpiece.

Kesslers Sparkle

Window display created by Retailworks, Inc. for Kesslers Diamonds’ Milwaukee Store

anthro window

Window display by Anthropologie


Say Trees

Incorporating elements of nature into a space can make shoppers feel more at ease and spend extra time in a store. Bring decorated Christmas trees inside your space for a cozy feel. Bonus points if you decorate them with a product or symbol representative of your brand.

Designed by Retailworks, Inc. for Kesslers Diamonds

Designed by Retailworks, Inc. for Kesslers Diamonds’ Milwaukee store

Frosty Florals

Changing out your floral displays for the season is an easy way to give your store a fresh look. Get creative with your bouquets – spruce them up with pine, berries, ornaments or miniature presents. Even if your florals are faux, you can use essential oils to add the scent of pine to your store. Our sense of smell is connected to our memories, so this little detail will have you standing out in your customers’ minds.

Florals designed by Retailworks Inc. for Kesslers Diamonds

Florals designed by Retailworks Inc. for Kesslers Diamonds’ Milwaukee Store

Creative Cutouts

Dainty silhouette cutouts are making a bold appearance in window displays this year. They have all of the nostalgia of making paper snowflakes, but all of the glamour of an upscale store. Use them to frame a display of your merchandise to make customers look twice.

Window display by Valentino

Window display by Valentino

Window display by Hermes

Window display by Hermes


For memorable, custom-made holiday display props, décor or window displays, contact us at or 262-238-1860.


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Seasonal Social Media: How to Maximize Social for the Holiday Season

This holiday season, an increasing number of consumers will turn to social media to discover discounts and make shopping decisions. Be sure your brand is in the forefront of their minds by maximizing your social media presence to the best of your ability. Follow these seven tricks to up your social media game and consequentially increase sales!

  1. Spread your messages across a variety of platforms to reach a maximum number of consumers, and be sure to match the message to the platform.
  • Facebook and Pinterest drive the most social revenue. Show off your newest merchandise and inform consumers of your sales on these social sites.
  • Twitter is great for increasing brand awareness. Use it to show off your brand’s personality and make your company known.
  • Instagram is one of the strongest platforms for consumer engagement. Ask your customers what they want or expect of your brand, and then be sure to
  1. Set the festive mood by updating your cover photo and profile picture on social media sites. Add a Santa Hat or other holiday touch to your logo and create a wintery display of products to adorn your cover photo. While your messages may differ across platforms, keeping your profile picture and cover consistent will tie everything together.Christmas social media campaigns - 10 things your brand needs to know
  2. Plan ahead – be sure to create a schedule of what to post when on which sites, and stick with it. Use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule your social media content in advance so you don’t have to worry about it when the busiest part of the season hits.payment-schedule
  3. Use great visuals! Visual content is eye-catching, processed faster and better at telling a story. Create graphics or photograph your merchandise in a real life setting so consumers can picture themselves incorporating your product into their lives.bc9ea445382343.5607a01de7878
  4. Set up a giveaway or competition to get customers involved. For example, have them tweet a photo of them using or wearing your product for a chance to win a special discount or in-store service. Consumer engagement is key for making a lasting impression.25-Days2
  5. When possible, use video content. Facebook video is one of the top ways to reach your customers – it generates 135% more organic reach than posts with only photos.fb video
  6. Use social media to share holiday tips and tricks related to your brand. For example, if you’re in the business of gardening supplies, highlight your expertise by providing advice on how to groom real Christmas trees so they look sharp for the duration of the season.


These are just a few of the tricks retailers can make use of to increase engagement and sales via social media this holiday season. For additional help with your social media and branding, visit!



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Retailworks’ Seasonal Display Program – Part 2

If you’re planning on dragging the same dusty old box out of storage that contains your winter holiday decorations from last year, stop right there! Customers enjoy seeing fun, updated seasonal décor and will be more likely to notice your store and merchandise if you have a fresh, festive look. We know that shopping for the best décor and hunting down the perfect display props can be quite time consuming. However, you don’t have to worry, because Retailworks is happy to take care of this for you! We love design and décor, and that’s why we’ve created our Seasonal Display Program to bring innovative, eye-catching seasonal decorations straight to your door. Choose from one of our four package options, and decide whether you want a contemporary, traditional or customized look. Then sit back, relax and let us take care of the rest.


Package 1: Decoration Inspiration

Choose this option if you need a little extra imagination for great display props and decorative ideas for your store. We’ll create a customized Pinterest board of unique ideas and DIY options that you can easily execute in your retail space.


Package 2: Seasonal Selection

Need to supplement your seasonal décor, or looking to start from scratch? Pick and choose from a variety of coordinated seasonal display props, including window clings, tabletop props, table runners, banners, 3D letters, risers and more!


Package 3: The Whole Package

Don’t have time to get your displays together? Get a package of pre-selected trendy and original seasonal décor delivered to your door. This box of coordinated pieces will give your store a vibrant look for the season/holiday that will you’re your merchandise stand out, impress consumers and have them coming back for more.


Package 4: The Whole Package PLUS

Receive The Whole Package, PLUS a Retailworks expert display artist will visit your store to install your new décor as well as rearrange your space and displays as needed for a fresh look for the season! (This service is for retailers located within a 100 mile radius of Milwaukee, WI.)


For more information on our seasonal display program and to get 2017 program fees, please contact us:


Still not convinced? Click here to check out last week’s blog to learn the importance of refreshing and changing store displays seasonally.

All props/decor featured in this blog were created by Retailworks, Inc.

The Importance of Having a Year-Round Seasonal Display Program – Part 1

Changing out displays for the season is a great way to rejuvenate both your store and your customers. People are naturally attracted to contrast, so when you move merchandise around and update your display props, repeat customers will be drawn to the “something new” about your store. When a display is novel or updated, the merchandise will seem new and customers will view it with fresh eyes. A well thought out seasonal display program will bring festivity into your space, make your merchandise pop, and have customers looking forward to seeing what is different in your business every season.

fall interior

Start with your window. This space is free advertising! Engage consumers from the outside to draw them in. Give passersby and holiday window shoppers an excellent first impression of your store with cheerfully decorated windows. Add a seasonal graphic, window cling or banner. Create a large oversized prop, or use color, contrast, and/or repetition to create a display that attracts attention from a distance. You’ll see how these displays can entice consumers into your store. Illuminate these displays well into the evening – after all pedestrian and auto traffic has slowed down for the night.

fall window display

On the inside of your store, there should always be a focal point display within the first 15’ of the entrance. This display can be nesting tables with seasonal merchandise and props, a group of three mannequins, or a stack of merchandise that makes a statement. Hang a banner above, place beautiful fabric runners and unique coordinated risers on the tables, or place fun props in/on/around as necessary. Make people stop in their tracks! Get them to look, touch, think. Inspire them!

cupcake photo

In addition to the front focal point display, it’s important to create additional, coordinated seasonal displays throughout the store, to not only get customers to walk around your store, but to create a festive interior environment. It sets a “mood” and gets shoppers motivated.

We can’t stress enough how important it is that ALL your seasonal décor is well coordinated, and stylish. Old, worn out pieces of this and that will not help your brand, and will add visual chaos to the interior. Pick a theme and stick to it. Also, props should reflect the quality of your merchandise. The higher the price point of your merchandise, the higher quality of your props. If you recycle old props (we love to recycle btw) just make sure you make them look fresh and trendy. Some spray paint, a few new vases, or new fabric is sometimes all that’s needed to provide an updated punch. Just be sure to make a strong professional statement with your décor!

decorated pumpkins

Follow these suggestions and you’ll see how seasonal displays can increase traffic into your store, increase sales, and show customers that you’re on top of trend!

winter display

Stay tuned for our blog next week to learn how to do this throughout the year while staying in budget. We’ll also introduce our new Seasonal Display Program. Just can’t wait? Visit us at or call us at 262-238-1860 for more information or to sign up!


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